Dogs have approximately 700 muscles. 45% of your dog’s bodyweight is muscle and these muscles pull on around 320 bones to produce movement. Clinical Canine Massage is a non-invasive therapy that rehabilitates muscular injury and supports orthopaedic conditions through the skilled direct manipulation of muscle and fascia.

As a fully trained Clinical Canine Massage Therapist, I have studied extensively including advanced anatomy, physiology and the bio-mechanics of the dog. Combined with an in-depth knowledge of four disciplines of Massage, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue & the Lenton Method of Myofascial Release which sets me apart from other canine massage therapists, I have an extensive array of over 50 different techniques to specifically address muscular dysfunction, pain and clinical lameness. I now also offer manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) which is a gentle massage encouraging the natural drainage and flow of lymph, perfect for post operative swelling.

This manipulative therapy which not only addresses the primary issue but treats the body as a whole relieves the dogs body of muscular imbalances and areas of overcompensation.

Clinical canine massage therapy is especially ideal for:

– Young/athletic dogs to keep their muscles in top condition and to keep them nice and supple, helping to reduce injuries.
– Senior dogs especially those with Arthritic changes. Massage can help those sore, aching joints, improve quality of life, restore some flexibility and put the spring back in their step.