Clinical canine massage therapy could help with the following conditions:

– Arthritis

– Elbow or Hip Dysplasia

– Protective muscle splinting

– Spondylosis of the spine

– Canine degenerative myelopathy (CDRM)

– OCD (Osteochrondrosis Dessicans)

– Luxating patella(s)

– Behaviour such as anxiety or stress

– Myofascial pain which can affect single or muscle groups

– Trigger points

– Strains and Sprains

– Post operative care resulting in a faster recovery time

– Young/athletic dogs to keep their muscles in top condition and to keep them nice and supple, helping to reduce injuries.

– Senior dogs especially those with Arthritic changes. Massage can help those sore, aching joints, improve quality of life, restore some flexibility and put the spring back in their step.

What common results do owners like you see with their dogs?

– Resolution or reduction of lameness

– Moving freely

– Relieved stiffness/soreness

– A pain free dog

– Improved mood

– More willing to be touched, groomed and examined

– Have their ‘zest’ for life back

– Able to use stairs and get into car

– Coping better with arthritis

– Faster recovery from injury or operation

– Enjoying walks again

– Able to live life to the full

– Improved sporting performance.